Shaping the future of industry 4.0 with IoT

If you spend time reading articles from industry-specific experts, you’ll observe one expression thrown around quite often — Industrial Revolution. Although what’s nowadays happening can’t be related to as a full-fledged “Industrial Revolution” as the previous three, it’s still taking the industry by storm. Before we see where the industry is, let’s quickly summarise how far it’s come. The[…][…]

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Co-operation is substantial for successful IoT implementation

Co-operation is substantial for successful IoT implementation Like in every parts of digital transformation, successful implementation of an IoT strategy requires close co-operation of many different both internal and external parties. Every modification should be started by taking stock of what they already have and how their current systems and processes perform. It involves reviewing organizational[…][…]


What is the future of CIOs in digital transformation?

What is the future of CIOs in digital transformation? 1. Recognise your wider ecosystem is the key to success. You can’t collaborate externally if you don’t take a similar approach internally. Collaboration provides real power when you see your internal people running innovative projects. 2. View your legacy IT as a help not a hindrance The technology businesses use[…][…]

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Creating a Digital Channel Business

Creating a Digital Channel Business. Traditionally, there’s been a correlation between the sizes of the partner and the customer, rendering the enterprise customer unattainable by SMB shops. Now such a correlation doesn’t exist so be more interested than interesting. Talk to people, they’re all just people. They don’t care about the details of version 2.1 of your latest software upgrade[…][…]


Don’t duplicate your competition

Don’t duplicate your competition. Unfortunately I see that more&more CEOs get too fixated on what their competitors are doing. They want to know their business model, their sales model, their marketing strategies, etc. In most cases, I feel that the desire is to largely emulate…or even duplicate…the competition. Don’t get me wrong, competitive understanding is useful, but competitive emulation[…][…]

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CIO role ‘remixed’

CIO role ‘remixed’. Majority of CIOs expect their jobs to change or be remixed as a result of the digitalisation. While delivery is still a part of the job, much greater emphasis is being placed on attaining a far broader set of business objectives. Two biggest transformations in the CIO role is innovation management and talent development. Nowadays CIOs[…][…]


Biggest mistakes when you launch any strategic initiatives for your business

Biggest mistakes when you launch any strategic initiatives for your business. In many times, when companies launch strategic initiatives, there is usually a massive internal and external communications plan and then everyone expects immediate results. Unfortunately, more than 70% of strategic initiatives fail owing to a complex environment, unclear strategies and disempowered employees. These failures happen for a number[…][…]