Shaping the future of industry 4.0 with IoT

If you spend time reading articles from industry-specific experts, you’ll observe one expression thrown around quite often — Industrial Revolution. Although what’s nowadays happening can’t be related to as a full-fledged “Industrial Revolution” as the previous three, it’s still taking the industry by storm. Before we see where the industry is, let’s quickly summarise how far it’s come. The[…][…]

Evolution of Cloud to Fog Computing

Businesses are handling tremendous volume of data on a regular basis. Internet of Things (IoT) recognized the necessity for data storage and emerged with models for cloud computing and fog computing. These pioneering solutions were created to streamline the data organization process and help enterprises manage their data in real-time. Time is money and the best way to be efficient is to gain[…][…]

To Cloud or not To Cloud: Now vs. 2020

Few weeks ago I read an interesting Cloud Study published by LogicMonitor’s Cloud Vision 2020. The survey was based on interviews with approximately 300 influencers LogicMonitor interviewed last year. Respondents include Amazon Web Services AWS re:Invent 2017 attendees, industry analysts, media, consultants and vendor strategists. The study’s primary goal was to explore the landscape for cloud services in[…][…]

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What will be next biggest trends after shift to cloud computing?

One of the biggest trends in tech over the last decade has been the shift to cloud computing — the move to store and process data and run applications in data centers maintained companies including Amazon and Microsoft rather than on corporations’ own computers. But even as that trend is continuing and cloud computing is becoming more important,[…][…]

Top Cloud Computing Tips for Small Businesses

Cloud computing has seen incredible steps forward in the last 10 years and unsurprisingly, that means the adoption rates within small to medium sized industries has soared. However, like all aspects of IT, cloud computing doesn’t stand-still and understanding how to leverage the technology for maximum effect is often outside the knowledge based of company owners and decision[…][…]


Top IoT predictions for 2018 and beyond

5 IoT predictions for 2018 and beyond Progression in IoT security, interoperability and its convergence with Cloud, AI, mobility, big data processing, cognitive computing and other emerging technologies will make the new year a pivotal one for IoT. The Internet of Things has moved to the mainstream in enterprises across all industries and this year will likely[…][…]

Most companies can’t build their own cloud infrastructure and must rely on someone else’s

Most companies can’t build their own cloud infrastructure and must rely on someone else’s. That’s OK if the provider sticks only to the role of B2B technology service provider but how your business model might change as a result of the digital business strategy? In the future your revenue could become very reliant on AI based pattern[…][…]