Around the Web: The Immediate Future of AI, I5G, Big Data and the IoT

In March, majority of us watched TV when SpaceX launched a Tesla into space.  Robots are transforming factories, supply chains, restaurants – even the environment. Drones are starting to deliver packages and meals. Urban Rivers has built a remote-controlled, floating, trash-collecting robot to clean up Chicago’s rivers. IoT-enabled smart cities, such as Barcelona, Singapore and Denver, are already saving[…][…]

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Let’s talk about the key to IoT security – Lessons from the Biggest Thing in the IoT

It’s no a mistery that Internet of Things networks have a security problem. There have been a regular stream of articles regarding large-scale attacks carried out by infiltrating wireless IoT devices as a back door into companies networks. Probably one of the best known is the 2016 – Mirai attack, which turned IoT devices into a real zombies army that paralyzed processes of such companies like Netflix[…][…]


Shaping the future of industry 4.0 with IoT

If you spend time reading articles from industry-specific experts, you’ll observe one expression thrown around quite often — Industrial Revolution. Although what’s nowadays happening can’t be related to as a full-fledged “Industrial Revolution” as the previous three, it’s still taking the industry by storm. Before we see where the industry is, let’s quickly summarise how far it’s come. The[…][…]

Evolution of Cloud to Fog Computing

Businesses are handling tremendous volume of data on a regular basis. Internet of Things (IoT) recognized the necessity for data storage and emerged with models for cloud computing and fog computing. These pioneering solutions were created to streamline the data organization process and help enterprises manage their data in real-time. Time is money and the best way to be efficient is to gain[…][…]


Disposable or single-use IoT tags can open completely new opportunities

The Internet of Things has changed how industries operate and how people interact with one another. We have seen an impressive array of new IoT deployments from an explosion of smart city applications to sensors implanted in the horns of critically-endangered rhinos in Africa. The evolution of IoT has connected devices at record speed and provided useful[…][…]

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Fog computing is starting to drive Industrial IoT systems revolution

In the past many industrial systems were built from individual appliances, usually programmed one at a time. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing all of that, modifying isolated programmable goods into intelligent networks of connected products, such as intelligent drone delivery systems, autonomous cars, automated air traffic control, smart grid power systems, connected medical[…][…]

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Intuitive IoT Predictions and Professional Forecasts for 2020

IoT, short for the internet of things, is a vast network of vehicles, home use appliances, physical gadgets and other electronics, sensors and connectable software which enables these gadgets to exchange data with the internet and other gadgets. This terminology came into existence in the late 90’s and was created by Kevin Ashton. The internet of things allows[…][…]

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